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3 Interesting Fishdom Facts You Need to Know

Now that you have experienced the relaxing and challenging gameplay of Fishdom, it’s time for us to take a look at some interesting facts about the game. After all, it’s best to know some of the cool details about the game that we are playing. With that said, check out our shortlist of Fishdom trivia below for more details.

A Near-Endless Collection of Levels

Fishdom made its debut in 2016 for Android, although the game has existed since 2008. Since the mentioned platform is the most-updated, we will use that as our basis for the number of levels in Fishdom. With that said, there are currently over 6200 levels in the game. But what’s interesting is that Playrox is still adding 40 levels each week. That means the game will have over 2000 levels for this year alone, which is impressive for a free-to-play game.

Fishdom Sequel

If you are wondering if there was ever a sequel developed for Fishdom, well, there is. In fact, a sequel was launched in 2009 called Fishdom: Harvest Splash. This game features 100 farm-themed fishes and accessories, with endless replay, a bonus screensaver, an unlimited number of tanks to design. As exciting as those features may sound, the sequel was only playable on the official Playrix website during its launch. As of today, the game is no longer available on the site.

In addition to the Harvest Splash are two other installments called Spooky Splash and Frosty Splash. As you may have noticed, either sequels or installments come with a holiday theme. Spooky Splash, for example, comes with a Halloween Theme, while Frosty Splash is for Christmas.


Fishdom Update


New Update

Speaking of seasonal events, Fishdom is currently celebrating Marine Halloween. The event brings the Jellyfish Witch into the game, along with spooky decorations. A new in-game event is also included in the latest update called Underwater Makeover, which involves an underwater room and whales. As a bonus, a new fish, a fashion show aquarium, and lilies were also added to the game. If you want to see more of what the latest update offers, download and install Fishdom on your PC today.